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About Us

We are the one-year-old, online-based, start-up Enterprises. Our aim is to full-fill the selective GROCERY and preserved food products needs of the common people in TRICHY for their day-to-day life necessities in home, through technology-based service.

We provide prompt and quick delivery to our customers and clients who registered and doing shopping at our website. We have collaborated with SWIGGY to promote DOOR STEP delivery comfort of shopping for selective food items listed in our website.

We request the people of TRICHY to register with their email id and WhatsApp number in our website and start ordering the items displayed in our website.

We will continuously add more number of products in our website very soon.

We will soon announce the various offers and promotions for our customers who register and start using our website.

For any enquiry related to our service, Please WhatsApp your queries to 9791412014.

We will be happy to assist you for your requirements and quires.